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KATO / HOBBYTRAIN N + HO Scale Sale !! your best discount KATO HOBBYTRAIN model train source

KATO / HOBBYTRAIN in partnership with Lemke of Germany produces a small line of high quality European HO and N scale model trains with special focus on German and Swiss prototypes. All models feature super-detailing and powered units are equipped with smooth 5-pole motors and digital-ready circuitry.

kato101529 copy KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 101529 10-tlg.TGV Reseau Duplex SNCF, Ep.V-VI

$360.23 $309.99
How many?:
kato10950-12 copy KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 10950-12 ICE 4 DB Ep.VI complete 12tlg. Grundgarnitur. DCC Ready
KATO 10-1512A
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kato14904 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 14904 StraJenbahn Duwag M6 BOGESTRA Schultheiss

$168.06 $137.81
How many?:
kato22101-2 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 22101 N CIWL set of 2 Orient Express coaches in teak wood livery era I

$150.20 $119.99
How many?:
kato23450 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 23450 2er Set Guterwagen Habils SBB

$76.43 $62.67
How many?:
kato23550 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 23550 N DB track maintenance rail truck OBW - unmotorized

$73.26 $60.07
How many?:
kato23554 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 23554 KLV 53 DB Ep. IV mit Plane

$131.64 $107.94
How many?:
kato23864 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 23864 Remms669 2-er Set Belgien

$54.95 $45.06
How many?:
kato23865-2 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 23865 N SNCF 2-car Remms669 set

$64.05 $52.52
How many?:
kato2651 copy.gif KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 2651 N DB rail-street bus BS300 - w/o motor

$74.58 $61.16
How many?:
kato2671 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 2671 MAN VT27 rot Ep.IV MW unmotor

$78.79 $64.61
How many?:
kato2814 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 2814 N DB set E40 electric / 3x flat cars with 6 trucks

$258.52 $211.99
How many?:
kato2838-2 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 2838 E-Lok BR110 454-6 DB Ep.IV blau/beige

$117.23 $96.13
How many?:
kato2907 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 2907 N DB CREAM ES64 F4 (BR189)

$161.58 $132.50
How many?:
kato2979s copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 2979S E-Lok Re475 404 BLS Cargo SOUND

$233.93 $191.82
How many?:
kato303600 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 303600 Diesel Triebwagen VT 137/VS 145 DRG, DC

$327.19 $268.30
How many?:
kato43100-2 copy KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 43100 (HOm scale) Zugspitzbahn AEG Tal Lok / 2 Wagen HOm

$371.74 $299.99
How many?:
kato43101-2 copy KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 43101 (HOm scale) Zugspitzbahn 2 Wagen HOm

$150.14 $129.99
How many?:
kato44011-3 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 44013 CIWL 2tlg.OstendeWien-Express. AC 3-rail

$221.83 $149.99
How many?:
kato60131-2 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 60131 N NS 1301 Alsthom electric in blue livery

$179.50 $147.19
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