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KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE K101658 Triebzug TGV Thalys PBKA, 10-tlg., Ep.VI, neues Design. . Ltd Edt 300 pieces
(N scale) Triebzug TGV Thalys PBKA, 10-tlg., Ep.VI, neues Design. The Thalys PBA is a European high-speed train that connects France, the Netherlands and Belgium. There are ten Thalys PBA units that are identical to the French TGV Réseau. They run on 25-kilovolt-50-Hertz alternating voltage. They are also equipped with some train protection systems from the three countries. The trains have a continuous output of 8,800 kilowatts at 25 kilovolts and thus reach 300 km / h between Paris and Brussels and between Antwerp and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Model details: - Double traction: every model comes with coupling rods that make double traction possible. In the double traction, for better driving behavior, carriages M1 and M2 must be swapped for train 1 (both motorized heads are coupled together). On the circuit boards of these two motorized heads, the light between the trains can be switched off by plugging an enclosed plug into the interface. - Prepared for interior lighting - Excellent driving characteristics due to 5-pole. Motor with two flywheels and traction tires - New Scharfenberg coupling between the power car and the first car - Detailed model reproduction and fine printing - 6-pin. NEM 651 interfaces in the power cars - Prepared for interior lighting K11213 / K1121 - Ltd Edt 300 pieces


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