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ESU directory your best discount ESU LokSound digital systems and accessories

ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS ULM (ESU) from Ulm Germany produce innovative digital systems, decoders and accessories. They are renowned for their famous LokSound decoders that realistically produce prototype sounds of most locomotives and trains. Available in DCC, Motorola, XL, MFX and Micro, and in 6-pin, 8-pin and 21-pin interfaces along with all newer interfaces such as PluX and Next, top model train manufacturers incorporate these ESU LokSound modules in their prestige models. Of great interest is the new ECOS multi-format digital controller, with enormous power and features that stands in a class of its own.

ESU digital products - please click on selected icons

ESU LokSound V5.0 L & XL Locomotive Sound DecodersESU LokSound SELECT Sound DecodersESU LokSound V5.0 MICRO DCC Locomotive Sound DecodersESU LokSound V5.0 MICRO DCC/MM/SX/M4 Locomotive Sound DecodersESU LokSound V5.0 DCC Locomotive Sound DecodersESU LokSound V5.0 DCC/MM/SX/M4 Locomotive Sound DecodersESU ECOS, Mobile Station, LokProgrammer & AccessoriesESU LokPilot decoders without sound