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SOMMERFELDT HOm Scale Rhaetische Bahn (RhB) Catenary System your best discount SOMMERFELDT model train source

Sommerfeldt is the largest and most prestigious manufacturer of catenary systems in all scales. For 50 years Sommerfeldt has been involved with model overhead systems and model pantographs. During this time the company gained supreme experiences, being able to develop the most prototypical overhead system yet. It is production-line system, that runs from mast to mast in straight sections under proper mechanical tension like the prototypes, and is recommended only for permanent and stable layouts. Masts are manufactured from steel profiles and are mounted with pedestal screws. All components are delicately manufactured without sacrificing stability and quality. The overhead system is easy to install and ensures reliable operation if properly tensioned. The overhead wires are made of copper plated steel and welded at the factory with open or closed sides. Easily installed on the masts by bending the ends into hooks or soldered in place for extra stability. This is the most prototypical wire system made anywhere ! All components are made and assembled in Germany.

somm-catalog.jpg SOMMERFELDT 001 Catalogue (German,English,French)

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somm002.jpeg SOMMERFELDT 002 Instruction booklet with spare parts list

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somm169.jpg SOMMERFELDT 169 Mast socket 11x7x5 mm high (20)

How many?:
somm174.jpg SOMMERFELDT 174 Lightweight registration arms (10)

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somm322.jpg SOMMERFELDT 322 Switching post SBB/RhB/FO / kit

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somm380.jpg SOMMERFELDT 380 Mainline mast of newsilver

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somm381.jpg SOMMERFELDT 381 Mainline mast with pull-bracket / newsilver

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somm382.jpg SOMMERFELDT 382 Mainline mast for pull-offs / newsilver

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somm383.jpg SOMMERFELDT 383 Bracket (5)

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somm384.jpg SOMMERFELDT 384 Arms for bracket extension (5)

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somm385.jpg SOMMERFELDT 385 Insulator bridge (insulator bracket) (10)

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somm386.jpg SOMMERFELDT 386 Insulators / brown 3 /6 x 6 /2 mm (24)

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somm387.jpg SOMMERFELDT 387 Cross span bridge / completely with masts / kit

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somm388.jpg SOMMERFELDT 388 Tensioning assembly / kit (also SBB)

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somm389.jpg SOMMERFELDT 389 Mainline mast / modern-style construction

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somm579.jpg SOMMERFELDT 579 B Hanger with insulators (10)

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