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RIVAROSSI HO Scale Sale !! your best discount ARNOLD ELECTROTREN JOUEF RIVAROSSI LIMA model train source

Hornby International has recently acquired the renowned Arnold / Electrotren / Rivarossi / Jouef hobby names and model moulds to once again re-launch these high-end European trains. With over half a century tradition of fine model train manufacturing, this great line of products is now technically improved with superior motors, LED lights, digital interfaces and much more. Models are factory-fitted with all detail parts and packaged in superior protective shells and outer boxes. These models are of very high quality with the finest detailing and running characteristics.

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hl2671d copy.jpg RIVAROSSI HL2671D Lima Expert GR851 197 steam loco with electric lamps and high coal, w/DCC decoder. Ltd Edt. 150 pieces

$196.15 $145.90
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hr2736-2 copy.jpg RIVAROSSI HR2736S BLS, electric locomotive class Re 4/4 192 Spiez, brown livery, series '82 (single arm pantograph), period IV-V, with DCC-sounddecoder

$320.10 $229.99
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hr2739-2 copy RIVAROSSI HR2739 FS, electric locomotive E 646 033 first series, castano / isabella livery, pantographs type 42U, period III-IV

$185.43 $145.99
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hr2740-2 copy RIVAROSSI HR2740S FS, electric locomotive E 646 019 first series, verde magnolia / grigio nebbia livery, pantographs type 42LR, in original status, period III-IV, with DCC-sounddecoder

$311.97 $249.99
How many?:
hr2748-2 copy RIVAROSSI HR2748 FS, diesel railcars Aln 556 first series, castano / isabella livery, set with 2 units, 1206 motorized + 1225 unmotorized, period III-IV

$265.64 $199.99
How many?:
hr2813 copy RIVAROSSI HR2813 SEZ/BLS, 2-unit pack electric locomotives Re 4/4, SEZ 177 Zweisimmen + BLS 173 Lötschental, period IV

$474.55 $379.99
How many?:
hr2813s copy RIVAROSSI HR2813S SEZ/BLS, 2-unit pack electric locomotives Re 4/4, SEZ 177 Zweisimmen + BLS 173 Lötschental, period IV, with DCC sound decoder

$594.39 $479.99
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hr6498 copy RIVAROSSI HR6498 SBB, 4-axle flat wagon Res, grey livery, loaded with 2 x 20’ container Kehrli & Oeler, period VI

$43.87 $34.99
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hr6532 copy RIVAROSSI HR6532 Railway gun K5, grey/white camouflage livery, period II - due II Quarter

$52.30 $38.99
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