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ROCO HO Scale 3-rail AC Railcars & Train Sets your best discount MEHANO model train source

ROCO Modelleisenbahn GmbH from Austria produces a wide array of high quality model railway products of European prototypes. It is known for its fine detailing and technically precise engineering, providing realistic models and superb running quality. Its ballasted code 83 track and digital system products are superb additions for a complete railway in HO, HOe and N scales.

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image-not-available.gif ROCO 0001 HO / HOe / TT scale 2018 News catalog (English)

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roco61485 copy ROCO 61485 3 piece set: German The Karlsruhe train of the DB (Sound)

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roco61502 copy ROCO 61502 Austrian 8 piece set: Klimajet of the ÖBB (Sound)


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roco69139 copy ROCO 69139 Dutch Electric multiple unit Plan V of the NS (Sound)

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roco7720001 copy ROCO 7720001 Electric multiple unit Plan V, NS era: III,IV. AC Digital Sound


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roco7720002 copy ROCO 7720002 4-piece set: Gas turbine multiple unit class 602, DB era: IV. AC Digital Sound


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roco78079 copy ROCO 78079 German Diesel multiple unit 628 601-6 of the DB AG (Sound)


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roco78096 copy ROCO 78096 German 2 piece set: Intermediate coaches class 407 of the DB AG

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roco78106 copy ROCO 78106 German Diesel multiple unit class 605 of the DSB (Sound)

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roco78183 copy ROCO 78183 German Diesel Railcar Class BR 650 (Sound)

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roco78187 copy ROCO 78187 Czech Diesel railcar 840 005-3 of the CD (Sound)


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roco78194 copy ROCO 78194 Diesel railcar 650 669-4, Oberpfalzbahn era: VI. AC Digital Sound


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roco79177 copy.jpg ROCO 79177 Italian Diesel railcar class ALn 448/460 of the FS (Sound)

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