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LSMODELS (HO scale) MW1001 7er Wagenset 2F +WLY 3x WLS1 + WR CIWL Nord Express 1936 Limited Edition
(HO scale) MW1001 (LSMODELS) 7er Wagenset 2F +WLY 3x WLS1 + WR CIWL Nord Express 1936 limitiert. The Nord-Express was a long-distance train with routes that changed over the decades, connecting Paris with Russia and later with Poland and Scandinavia. In its heyday it was considered the ultimate European luxury train. In 1936, in addition to the luggage and dining cars, the train ran from Paris to Berlin, Copenhagen, Riga, Bucharest and Niegoreloje, just behind the Russian border. The Nord Express was considered one of the fastest trains of its time. The travel time between Paris and Warsaw (1640 km) has been reduced over time from around 29 to around 21 hours. Unique limited edition from ModelsWorld MW1001 factory-installed interior lighting 7 pcs. CIWL Nord Express 1936 carriage set 2 x F luggage trolleys (new design) 1x WL Y sleeping car (new design) 3x WL S1 sleeping cars 1x WR 43 dining car (new design)


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