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PIKO 97231 SBB-CFF 11-part electric train set RABe 501 008, AC Digital Sound
(HO scale) 97231 SBB-CFF 11-part electric train set RABe 501 008, AC Digital Sound. Completely new construction in the exact scale 1:87. As in the original, the model consists of two different control cars and nine different intermediate cars. Each car also has a different, prototypical interior. The elaborate model has 4 driven axles, a powerful 5-pole motor with 2 flywheels and 8 traction tires (car F). The power is picked up via the two bogies of the control car with electronic selection of the respective control car. The power consumption for currentless sections is processor-controlled without braking mechanics, so that the train can come to a stop in the middle, despite the driven motor vehicle, exactly in front of signals indicating a stop. Multipole live coupling. Close coupling kinematics on all cars and on the end cars A and L (front coupling without close coupling kinematics). Removable front caps for coupling two trains. 3 different couplings are included (Schaku imitation, adapter with NEM coupling pocket and coupling bracket for driving on R1.) Digital version: Bus-controlled, dimmable interior lighting in all cars and illuminated train destination displays in the entrance doors. Use of the new PIKO decoder XP 5.1. Standard Plux22 decoder interface (car G). New adaptive speed controller, bidirectional true-to-original driving sound coupling. Factory parameterization of the load dependency. Cars D and K with two loudspeakers for faithful and spatial sound radiation at the positions of the original traction motors. Both end cars have a lighting scheme that is true to the original based on process-controlled individual light control and dimming of 12 lights and 16 country-specific light scenarios. Many functions such as driver's desk and cab lighting, original sound, station announcements, etc. Filigree roof landscape with different pantographs. Fine detailing, complex and clear printing


Estimated production: June 2022. Reservations mandatory no later than December 15, 2021.

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