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KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 3027 E-Lok Re 420.504 BLS Ep.V Einholmstromabnehmer
(N scale) E-Lok Re 420.504 BLS Ep.V Einholmstromabnehmer. The Re 4/4 II were designed as universal locomotives of the SBB and are used in front of both passenger and freight trains. With 277 locomotives, it is the largest series of locomotives in Switzerland. The Re 4/4 II was built from 1964 to 1985 and is still in use today. With the commissioning of the Ae 6/6 on the Gotthard, a fast and powerful locomotive was available for express trains. However, the tracks were very stressed by the two three-axle bogies. This limited the cornering speed of the Ae 6/6 in particular. With the Re 4/4 II there was now a locomotive that could also drive fast in curves. The locomotive had an output of 4700 kW, reached a top speed of 140 km / h and was therefore classified as a class R locomotive. The design was based on that of the Re 6/6. Both locomotives also run as Re 10/10 in double traction at times. In the absence of alternatives, some locomotives were specially converted for the Swiss Express. They received an extended buffer beam, new couplings and a paint job in the Swiss-Express colors of orange-gray-orange. Other Re 4/4 II were later further modernized, e.g. received single-arm pantographs, rectangular halogen headlights and driver's cab air-conditioning systems. They also have the SBB logo instead of the Swiss cross. In addition to SBB, the locomotives are also used by BLS and other Swiss railways. Model features: - 5-pole motor - Power consumption across all axes - Interface NEM 651 - Swiss light change - Consideration of all design differences in detail - NEM coupling pocket - LüP: 93.1 mm


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