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RIVAROSSI HL1750 Lima Expert DB, ICE 1, BR 401 original version, 4-unit pack, period IV-V
(HO scale) DB, ICE 1, BR 401 original version, 4-unit pack, period IV-V. On June 2, 1991 the time had come: Germany's railways entered the high-speed era. In previous years, the Federal German Railways and the German rail transport industry not only planned and built two new high-speed lines, Hanover - Würzburg and Mannheim - Stuttgart, but also developed a completely new high-speed train: the InterCityExpress, or ICE in short. With 12,800 hp, up to 14 intermediate carriages and a top speed of 280 km/h, the elegant high-speed trains (classified as BR 401) quickly became the backbone of high-quality rail transport in Germany. The innovative and comfortable interior design of the trains in particular set worldwide standards: extensively adjustable seats with integrated audio and TV modules in open-plan and compartment arrangements, a digital passenger information system, the elegant on-board restaurant or the conference compartment in the service car were nothing less than a quantum leap on rails and contributed to increasing the number of passengers between Munich and Hamburg by 13 percent within the first year of operation. Between 2006 and 2008, the 59 ICE 1 trains went through an extensive redesign, in which a completely redesigned interior in the style of the ICE 3 was installed, which still characterizes the train today. The ICE 1 will continue to run on Germany’s railway network in the future: Since 2020, the ICE 1 has been refreshed for the next ten years. Shortened to nine intermediate carriages, the ICE 1 can now also be seen more on secondary long-distance routes. The new LIMA Expert model: New tooling Motor unit and intermediate coaches in exact 1:87 scale Close couplers bars can be interchanged with working Schafenberg couplers (item no. HC8040) Skew-wound 5-pole motor mit flywheels Fine pantographs, mainly made from metal parts Front lights and red rear lights lit depending on direction of travel High beam controllable in digital mode Cabins and intermediate coaches with interiors Digital plug: NEM 660 (21-pin MTC) Prepared to install a “sugar cube“ speaker (15 x 11 mm), no soldering required Min. radius: 356,5 mm (but runs better in larger curve radiuses)


Matching coach sets: HL4674 and HL4677

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