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JOUEF HJ2373S SNCF, electric locomotive CC 21001 in original livery, period IV, with digital sound decoder
(HO scale) SNCF, electric locomotive CC 21001 in original livery, period IV, with digital sound decoder. The CC 21000 is a series of bicurrent French SNCF electric locomotive classified as CC 6500. They were used on the Franco-Swiss axis Paris - Vallorbe with traction of prestigious Trans Europe Express trains, the Cisalpin among others. Two specimens were equipped for the tests on the new high-speed line between Paris and Lyon, by conducting test runs at 280 km / h before the opening of the line. The CC 21000 eventually became the CC 6575 to 6578 in 1996. Of these four machines, the CC 6575, former CC 21001, was the last in service. It was reformed in June 2007. The association Save the CC 65751 - to which the machine was conceded for 10 years by the SNCF - preserved it from the reinforcement. It is now kept at the Railway Museum of Nîmes. Note also the US performance of CC 21003 (later CC 6577) in the X9963 tests on behalf of Amtrak with multiple modifications to the suspension, wiring diagram and brake equipment, and US security systems. But this French proposal was not retained by the Americans because of the inadequacy of the locomotive at the state of their tracks.



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