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KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE H10184 E-Lok Ae 6/8 BLS 8-achsig 207 braun, Ep.III
(N scale) E-Lok Ae 6/8 BLS 8-achsig 207 braun, Ep.III. Prototype: The Swiss Ae 6/8 electric locomotives of the Bern-Lötschberg-Simplonbahn (BLS) were built from 1926 to 1943, they were comparable to the iconic Swiss Ce6/8 Crocodiles in terms of the tractive force and running performance. The first Ae6/8's were built in 1926 and 1931 by Breda and SAAS, and they were delivered with square cabs. In the early 1950's the Ae 6/8's were retrofitted with more mordern round cabs. The Ae6/8's was the most powerful electric locomotive in the world at the time, only the heaviest freight trains were transported via the Lötschberg by the Ae6/8. Individual machines of this series were leased many times by SBB and used on the Gotthard railway. Model: The H10184 Swiss BLS Ae 6/8 electric locomotive is a very impressive model with exceptional running performance and extensive detail. The model is equipped with a five pole motor, cab interiors, cab illumination, functional headlights and all the modern technology available on the market today. Model Features: 5 Pole Motor with flywheel Cab interior with illumination Prototpical Swiss directional lighting Next 18 DCC Recepticle Prepared for sound


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