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ARNOLD HN2325 SBB-CFF Set CISALPINO - 484er locomotive & 3 Eurofirma coaches
(N scale) SBB-CFF Set CISALPINO - Re 484 electric locomotive & 3 Eurofirma coaches (1st class and two 2nd class coaches). Cisalpino EuroCity, set 1, contains a multi-system locomotive Re 484, a 1 st class coach and two 2 nd class coaches System: DC Digital decoder plug: NEM 651 (6 pins) Front/rear lights: white and red, directional. Period: V Close coupler mechanism. Functional pantograph(s) Flywheel(s) Length over buffers (mm): 613 Gauge: N Railway Company: SBB Era: V Power system: DC Digital Interface: NEM 651 digital decoder socket Flywheel mass: Yes Coupler: Shaft NEM 355 with KK kinematics Length over buffer: 613 mm Headlights: Triple headlights and two taillights, alternating with travel direction Overhead line operation: Yes, flywheel powered all axles.


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