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KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 23941 8-car set BLS Autoverlade Set Mittelwagen/Auffahrwagen
(N scale) 8tlg. BLS Autoverlade Set 6x Mittel- / 2x Auffahrwagen. BLS Autoverladewagen 8er Set mit Mittelwagen und 2 Auffahrwagen, Ep.V Another mainstay of BLS passenger traffic is the car loading traffic on the Lötschberg between Kandersteg and Goppenstein, which has been operated on a scheduled basis since June 1, 1960. At peak times, when there is round-trip traffic for Sports Week, the BLS operates eight car shuttle trains. Four car loading trains with a total of 58 type Sdt cars were procured in 1972 and 1974, manufactured in the legendary Wagi in Schlieren. The BLS fleet strategy envisages using these reliable and robust wagons until 2025. The original trains initially consisted of 8 units (6 car transport vehicles, 2 loading vehicles) and were later expanded to 17 units (15 vehicle transport vehicles and 2 loading vehicles). Die Originalzüge bestanden anfänglich aus 8 Einheiten (6 Autotransportwagen, 2 Auffahrwagen) und wurden später auf bis 17 Einheiten (15 Autotransportwagen und 2 Auffahrwagen) erweitert. Passend dazu empfehlen wir die Hobbytrain Ae 8/6 Lok (Art. H10180 / -82) und den BLS Steuerwagen (Art. H23940).


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