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LENZ 0 SET-LI Set-LI with CE professional: LZV100, LI101
Complete Professional DCC digital system by Lenz. One of the hottest new technologies is wireless Ethernet or 802.11. Because of its popularity, the cost of 802.11 devices is rapidly falling. KAM Industries and Lenz North America have teamed up to exploit this technology. Set-LI with Loco Ce® provide you with all the DCC hardware and software applications needed to turn your wireless PDA into a full NMRA DCC throttle. The Set-LI consists of 3 components. The LZV100 NMRA DCC conforming command/powerstation provides the real time component of the system and is responsible for managing the DCC track protocol. The second component is the high speed LI101F which serves as an interface between the computer and the LZV100. The third component is the LOCO Ce® software. This software manages the handhelds connected to the computer as well as provides a wealth of computer assisted control options. (System requires Personal computer, handheld PDA, ethernet router and AC transformer power source 16V, 60VA. - Suggested model: LENZ MAGNA-FORCE).
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