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T034DVD Specials on the Gotthard (REOS production) DVD
Since 1994, we have visited the Gotthard railway line and made film recordings. In this film, many special recordings have been brought together, especially from 1997, when the Swiss railways celebrated their 150th anniversary and we were on hand to film some rare and special footage. In Erstfeld station you will see the changing of historic electric locos, including the famous "Crocodile". The historic Gotthard-Expresses were recorded passing the spirals of Wassen, hauled by historic electric locos or steam engines, all double or even triple headed. Beside the historic trains, there is a great variety of modern trains in different liveries and unexpected combinations. Summary of locos and railcars that appear in the film: -Historic electric locos: Ae 3/6 I, Ae 3/6 II, Ae 4/7, Ae 8/14, Ce 6/8 II, Be 6/8 III , Re 4/4 I, RAe 4/8, CFe 4/4. -Steam engines: C 5/6, A 3/5, B 3/4, Eb 3/5, Ed 2x2/2. -Electric locos: Ae 6/6, Re 4/4 II en III, Re 6/6, Re 460 in different liveries, Re 456 Region- Mittelland and Sihltahl Bahn. -Railcar: RABe EC. -Shunting engines: Ee 3/3, Tm 2/2. The majority of the recordings were made with digital cameras. The film is digitally mastered. We only use original sound recordings, without any additional music or spoken commentary. Subtitles provide information of locations and trains. Running time: 54 minutes. REOS production. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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