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T032DVD Arth-Goldau station (REOS production) DVD
Over the past few years, REOS have made many recordings at Arth-Goldau station. Arth Goldau is situated on the busy Gotthard line at the junction of the Luzern and Zug/ Zürich routes. The station of the Rigi-Bahn is built on a bridge above the mainline to Luzern. At the southern end of the station, a single line branches northwards towards Rapperswill; this line belongs to the Südostbahn. Due to the quantity of routes converging, there is almost a continual procession of trains arriving and departing. Every hour, a Euro City and Inter City train arrive from the direction of the Gotthard Tunnel, alternating in destinations to Zürich and Luzern. These trains provide a cross platform connection with each other. The xVoralpen-Expressx, hauled by colourful locos also arrives hourly. This service connects Luzern with the North-East of Switzerland. The smaller stations on the route are served by NPZ shuttle trains belonging to the SBB and SOB, and can be witnessed in various liveries. Some freight trains are routed in between the many passenger trains. During a period of 3 weeks in the summer, every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 am, a steam loco xpushesx the historical train up the Rigi-Kulm. We made detailed recordings of this specially built rack and pinion loco including a xsmokeyx departure from the station. We also give attention to the xstandardx trains of the Rigi-Bahn. Not only did we film the station from the platforms, but also included are long distance shots and panoramic views of trains travelling to and from Luzern and Zürich. These provide a good impression of the landscape around Arth Goldau. Recordings were made throughout the year between 2000 and 2003. Maps are added to locate camera positions used. We only use original sound recordings, without any music or commentary. Running time aprox. 75minutes. REOS production. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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