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T058-059DVD RhB Albula Line from Samedan to Filisur (REOS production) DVD
Two DVDs set. In 1903 the first train ran over the Albula line to Samedan. One hundred years later in 2003, the centenary festivals took place. In the summer of that year, REOS visited the spectacular narrow gauge line and made a indepth film of the line. From the busy town of Samedan, we follow the line thrux Bever and Spinas, where the Albula base tunnel starts. In Preda, the line starts its descent and we take a close look at the xheartx of the Albula line. With the help of spirals, tunnels and numerous bridges we pass through Muot, Bergün, Stugl/Stuls and finally arrive at Filisur. We cover all the stations, tunnels and bridges, together with shots of numerous passenger and freight trains. A special treat is captured on film, the blue and green jubilee trains hauled by the famous Crocodile. Maps have been included to locate camera positions. We only use original sound recordings, without any commentary or music. Running time: 93 Minutes. REOS production. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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