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T054DVD RhB Rheinschlucht (REOS production) DVD
The Rheinschlucht is better known as the Swiss Grand Canyon. Steep rock faces and a river that carves its way to lower ground. Along the river bank, the narrow gauge railway line of the Rhätische Bahn follows the valley thrux the Ruinualte, as its known locally. We filmed the canyon from Reichenau, via Trin, Valendas and Versam to Ilanz in the summer of 2003. Witness the busy station of Reichenau, where the double track line from Chur joins for the bridge and then divides towards Albula and Ilanz/Disentis. After crossing the xUpper-Rheinx river, the line twists and turns as the valley narrows. This is an area which is prone to rock falls. The beautiful sunny weather provides spectacular views across the surrounding mountains. A variety of locomotives can be seen hauling passenger trains including Ge 4/4 II, Ge 4/4 III and Ge 6/6 II, as well as several freight trains hauled by Ge 4/4 I and even a Ge 6/6 I Crocodile. We take a detailed look at the Ge 6/6 I shunting in Ilanz. Screen maps with camera locations are provided. We only use original sound recordings, without any additional music or commentary. Subtitles provide information of locations and trains. Running time approximately: 87 minutes. REOS production. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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