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T014DVD Touring Wassen in winter (REOS production) DVD
In 1882, the Gotthard tunnel was opened. This is one of the most important transit routes from North to South Europe. Wassen lies on the north side of the route towards the tunnel. The climb up to the tunnel entrance, which is a relative short distance, needs a special track layout. A lot of tunnels and several bridges of different make's and varieties, three spiral tunnels and a grade of 2,6%, make the Gotthard route a special railway line. Wassen is situated in the centre of this spectacular route. The Wassen church is famous because the train drives by on three different levels. The trains run through the severe winter condition, despite the dramatic weather change from light snowfall at Gurtnellen, to heavy snowfall in Wassen. Regional trains, Eurocity's and freight trains are passing by. Many freight trains have multiple locos and some even have push locos at the rear. The recordings were made in February and March 2000 with a digital camera and are mastered full digital. We only use original sound recordings, without any additional music or commentary. Subtitles provide information of locations and trains. Running time: 48 minutes. REOS production. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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