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T030DVD Erstfeld station (REOS production) DVD
Erstfeld is situated on the Gotthard route, which opened in 1882. This is one of the most important transit routes between North and South Europe. The line climbs from Erstfeld at a gradient of 2,6%. Many trains receive an extra locomotive at the rear or locos are exchanged for more powerful combinations. This film focusses on a compilation of scenes covering a great variety of trains, filmed between November 1998 and December 2002. In November 1998, many different loco types are witnessed assisting trains to ascend the climb to Göschenen. We also include shots of the early SBB Cargo livery as originally applied to a few Re 6/6's. We filmed them in March 2000. On a sunny day in August 2000, we watched Transport InterModal containers being loaded. Lots of traffic including a xlightx engine movement, consisting of 6 SBB locos and a BLS 465 were recorded. In December 2001 the sub zero temperatures were accompanied by snow whilst we filmed a variety of trains in the daytime and evening, including a "Grey Mouse" unit. December 2002 brings us upto date with the latest Re 482 SBB Cargo locos parading around the yard. We also include move- ments of Re 6/6 locos in the latest SBB Cargo liveries at the southern end of the depot. This film captures the operating practices of a multi user fleet of Re 6/6's and Re 460's locomotives, prior to the allocation of specific locos to the SBB Cargo and Passenger divisions. We only use original sound recordings without any additional music or commentary. Some maps are included to indicate camera locations. Running time: 87 minutes. REOS production. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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