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T125DVD The Harz Steam Railways Vol 1 (1996) DVD
Within some of Germany's most picturesque and pristine landscapes, the Harz mountain region is surely one that will capture its visitor's most vivid sense of old world history and architecture in incredibly attractive natural surroundings. Situated at a strategic center that up to very recently served as the East-West dividing line of the now re-unified nation, the area was practically off-limits and hardly shown in maps, and even today it is not yet fully westernized nor commercialized. Of special interest to visitors and railway enthusiasts, the Harz offers perhaps one of the world's most unique and fascinating attractions: seemingly belonging to a bygone world of yesteryear, the entirely steam operated Harzer Schmalspur Bahnen private narrow gauge railways run a true network of lines connecting the region's localities and historic centers. Unlike other European steam lines catering to tourists for holiday and weekend excursions, the HSB operate the railway year long and still mostly serving the region's villagers. Volume One on the HSB magnificent all-steam railway concentrates on the western side of the network known as the Harzquerbahn. Commencing at the old center of Nordhausen, this HSB line proceeds north to the historic village of Wernigerode enriched by a medioeval castle and traditional ginger-bread houses, by way of sinuous courses in steep gradients within the forests of a large national park. From the nearby junction of Drei-Annen-Hohne, another joining line assaults the formidable gradient as it reaches the resort of Schierke before entering the forests of the Brocken mountain. Here a series of cork-screw turns leads the railway at a summit terminus at a height of 1125 meters elevation. Steep mountains, romantic gorges, flower packed meadows and famous forests... magnificent old towns and impressive ruins of long ago...All these are connected by the rails of the Harz mountains Narrow Gauge Railways which take their way in a peaceful coexistance with nature. Highly artistic program follows the HSB in extreme detail with action packed superb photography and complete with a ride to the Brocken mountain. 60 MN full color program, English. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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