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T121DVD Gotthardbahn cab ride (1994) DVD
As one of Switzerland's most renowned mountain railways, the Gotthardbahn has continued to fascinate the enthusiast and traveller since its commencement almost a century ago. The spectacular scenery revealed on its course from the lakes region of the north to the evergreen mountain valleys of the Alpine passes is truely mesmorizing. A major trunk line of critical importance to the European community, the Gotthard railway is thriving with continuous activity: during peak periods as many as 250 trains will travel the line in a day, with over 10 million tons of goods transported per year. The rail line ascends the steep 2.7 percent mountain grade in a continuous serpentine that involves several complete helical loops by the villages of Wassen and Faido, as well as making use of the famous tunnel under the Sankt Gotthard massif. This program takes the viewer aboard the control cabin of a powerful Re6/6 locomotive of the SBB railway heading the Basel-Milan Intercity 255, while accompanied by an official of the SBB Marketing agency for detailed and accurate guidance on our route from Lucerne to Bellinzona. The near real-time filming of our journey makes for an impressive and unforgettable experience through some of Europe's most charming mountain localities. English, 110 MN full color. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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