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T110DVD The Schwarzwaldbahn - Black Forest Railway - (1989) DVD
The scenic German province of the Wuerttemberg is scrutinized on this program focusing on the century-old railway of the Black Forest, the Schwarzwaldbahn. Blending well with the ancient medioeval localities rising from the thickly wooded hills and grapevine covered river banks, the Black Forest route traces the region from the complex of Offenburg to the lake of Konstanz, assaulting the formidable 2.5 percent gradient and twisting in dramatic reversing loops and 39 consecutive tunnels over the remote forests between Hornberg and Sommerau. As we follow the line from the Kinzig valley to the summit at Sommerau, many ancient towns rich of local culture and architecture are connected, some with impressive medioeval castles and towers. The Black Forest railway then begins an amazing series of loops amid impregnable woods to achieve a substantial gain of elevation. The camera here follows the track serpentines to reach the single location above Triberg where three separate railway levels can be viewed. While at Triberg, we stop at a famous museum housing an interesting railway display and an exact scale operating layout of the summit loops. The descent to the Bodensee again takes us past ancient localities as we now follow the newly born Danube river in truely picturesque pastoral settings. At Singen the line to Switzerland joins our Black Forest route, thus yealding varied international compositions at its railway station. Past the vulcanic formations of the Hohenkraehen, finally the charming shores of the lake of Konstanz are reached, hilighted by a famous bridge on the Rhine and its adjacent tower. English, 110 MN full color. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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