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T105DVD The Bergen-Oslo Bergensbanen (1993) DVD
Fascinating documentary focusing on Norway's renowned "Bergensbanen" mountain railway line connecting the capital of Oslo to the important seaport of Bergen on the western coast. The program begins at the Viking capital of Oslo as we marvel at its magnificent architectural treasures and varied attractions as we join our railway at its modern and busy station complex. From Oslo the railway is closely followed to Drammen and Hokksund still in a setting of hillside peripheries. At Honefoss the railway meets the northern feed line on a massive stonework bridge prior to commencing a twisting course on the Hallingdal valley featuring remote riverside escarpments and dense forests. After reaching Nesbyen, Gol and Al where we follow fascinating NSB activity in truely splendid scenery, the Bergen railway reaches the important resort of Geilo. From here commences a steep and twisting climb at the foot of the imposing Hardanger glacier over barren and wind-swept desolate mountain plateaus, where perennial snow and ice storms make the treacherous journey a memorable experience. At Geilo we board the westbound express "Pernille" at the cab of E16-2203 as we ascend the brutal mountain pass to Finse and Myrdal with a unique vantage point rarely observed on any mountain railway. Here we briefly detour to the connecting Flam line from the Aurland fjord, a great train ride of the world on an amazing 5.6 percent track grade. Descending to the resort of Voss, the Bergensbanen follows a course paralleling turbulent rivers on a rugged terrain rich of colorful forestry and characteristic Norwegian villages, as it reaches the localities of Evanger, Bolstadoyri, Dale and Stanghelle. After negotiating an interesting series of continuous tunnels on steep rocky escarpments which are closely focused by the cameras, the magnificent medioeval city of Bergen is reached. With a tour and history of the city, the complex and terminus of Bergen's railway station is reached, exactly 293 line kilometers from Oslo. English, 110 MN full color. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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