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T102DVD Europe On Rails Vol. 2 (1993) DVD
Second in a series of condensed European railway documentaries, this volume focuses on Scandinavia's northern nations. Our journey begins in Bergen, by Norway's western fjords as we follow the route of the famous Bergen Express to Oslo, first winding through pastoral valleys then climbing forbidding mountain passes covered by perennial snow and ice. Here the spectacular Flam railway is also focused as it climbs from sea level to Myrdal by way of ingenious helicoid loops. We then join the diesel locomotive crew of a typical express on the picturesque Rauma river valley on its climb to Dombas, yealding a great diversity of characteristic Norwegian landscapes. Cutting at the heart of the rugged Lappland far north above the Arctic Circle, the renowned Ofotbanen railway is then spotlighted as we travel with a friendly crew on its round-trip duty aboard a giant articulated D3 Swedish locomotive heading 5000 tons of mineral ore. Crossing into Sweden, the Ofotbanen is further followed eastwards to the gulf of Bothnia, where two main routes to the capital are focused for exciting Swedish railway activity. At Gavle, the Swedish National Railway Museum is visited in detail, yealding lasting impressions of bygone but memorable railway eras. After a brief stop at Uppsala to enjoy a steam excursion, we finally reach Stockholm where we tour its historical attractions and its busy railway station. Once again returning to Lappland, this time in neighbouring Finland, the famous Rovaniemi line is closely followed to Kemi and Oulu, where the electrified main artery to Tampere then presents interesting railway action amidst pristine landscapes of peaceful villages and colorful woodlands. English, 160 MN full color. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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