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T103DVD The Arlbergbahn (1987) DVD
Fascinating and informative documentary on Austria's most glorious and in fact Alpine Europe's only international east- west transversal mountain railway running from the Swiss border at Buchs to the beautiful olympic city of Innsbruck. One of the steepest and most critical of standard gauge lines of the entire Alpine region, it is beautified with unique stone structures, bridges and viaducts spanning impossible gorges and river shores. Numerous medioeval castles and ancient fortifications high on the lush valley forestry as well as wonderful pristine mountain landscapes make the Arlbergbahn a most picturesque and unforgettable tourist route to Austria's cultural centers. Informative narration accompanies the stunning photography rich of mainline action, near-unaccessible mountain crossings, station activity and geographical points of interest. Detailed computer generated maps further illustrate the Arlberg line's progress up and down the forbidding gradients. A total audio-visual feast for the enthusiast demanding high quality with a nostalgic look at the last of the remaining units of the glorious OBB 1020 mountain 'Krokodils' (ex DR 94) and OBB 1670 express locomotives on the eve of their retirement. A grand finale at medioeval Feldkirch awaits the viewer as a manificent French 2-8-2 141R steamer of 'Fleche D'Or' fame yealds its historic CIWL and Rheingold composition to an OBB 1670 electric. Buchs, Lichtenstein, Feldkirch, Bludenz, Braz, Klosterle, Hintergasse, Wald, Dalaas, Langen, Arlberg tunnel, St. Anton, St. Jakob, Pettneu, Landeck, Trisanna bridge, Roppen, Zirl, Innsbruck. All Arlbergbahn motive power represented, with emphasis on spectacular double-power 'banking' freight units, and classic international compositions as the 'Transalpin', 'Dachstein', 'Arlberg Express', 'Orient Express', 'Maria Thereisen' and many others. English, 110 MN full color. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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