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T111DVD The Rhaetische Bahn Vol 1 (1988) DVD
The fable-like 'Land of 150 Alpine Valleys' in eastern Switzerland, with lush meadows, lively blue streams and the towering snow-topped Raetikon mountains, makes a delightful background for this quality program on the intricate operation of the century-old private Rhaetischebahn. This metric railway connects the important international gateways at Chur, Scuol and Tirano, and additionally the world renowned winter sports centers of Arosa, Sankt Moritz, Davos and Disentis, thus providing frequent and efficient service by way of a complex railway network of lines spanning over 400 kilometers amidst the most scenic mountain passes of Europe. This program, first of two volumes on the RhB, focuses on the picturesque Chur-Rheichenau-Disentis line of the ravine marked Bundner Oberland, then follows the forbidding climbing line to Arosa from Chur that ascends 4000 feet in only 16 miles to the high altitude Alpine resort, and finally joins the renowned main artery of the Rhaetian Railways connecting Chur to Samedan and Sankt Moritz, crossing the formidable Albula pass by way of vertiginous spirals, impossible bridges and a long tunnel under the massifs. This segment of the program is hilighted by a cab ride aboard a modern Ge4/4 thyristor locomotive taking its express from Tiefencastel all the way across the Alpine peaks to Samedan. Rich of artistic photography as well as cultural and historical facts, it provides a superbly detailed and entertaining study of the Rhaetischebahn on their 100th anniversary jubilee year. English, 115 MN full color. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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