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T127DVD The Bavarian Railways Vol 2 (1995) DVD
Final chapter on the legendary railways of Bavaria. This highly artistic program first begins by following the two famous mountain lines of Nurenberg-Amberg and the Pegnitz river "Schiefe Ebene" ramps within spectacular emerald- green forests and renowned for their steep gradients perhaps more typical of Alpine Europe. The action here on these non-electrified lines that meander their way past picturesque river valleys and wooded slopes is a mixture of regional units composed by tilting railcar sets and long-distance expresses headed by powerful diesel locomotives of both the DB and the former DR agencies. At Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg we make a lengthy visit at the German steam locomotive museum, where we admire the nation's rail glories from yesteryear starting with the ancient Adler steamer to the very last of the mechanical dynosaurs. Moving southwards we then explore the main line from Regensburg to Munich, a main artery with non-stop electric and diesel activity of all sorts of trains. Here we also visit several medioeval villages along the route and discover a historic world of bygone ages. By the center of Traunstein, the scenic single track line to Ruhpolding is then closely focused in peaceful riverside settings at the foot of the lower Alps. Characteristic reversible passenger units employing BR139 electric locomotives are the norm here, with many austrian compositions crossing them at the larger station. We then enter the alpine region of Freilassing and the mainline to Salzburg, yielding both german and austrian units typically composed of interesting international stock and headed by heavy electric engines. As a last stop, the fabulous mountain line to the resort of Berchtesgaden is hilighted in detail, with stunning Bavarian scenery and colorful DB units. At the village of Berchtesgaden we stop at Adolf Hitler's Berghof mountain chalet and even go atop the Kehlstein mountain to closely visit the dictator's famous "Eagle's Nest" in the clouds. English, 90 MN full color. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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