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T124DVD The Bavarian Railways Vol 1 (1995) DVD
Railway journey through the German Bavarian province spanning picturesque valleys with colorful farmlands, historic medioeval villages full of charm and character, placid lakeside localities and even breathtaking Alpine massifs with towering peaks shadowing the landscape. This program followes the route of five railways in Bavaria: the Kochelsee line from the resort of Kochel runs amidst pastoral villages and medioeval structures then reaches a larger lake and the important center of Tutzing. The Oberammergau line begins at the junction of Murnau, where the station shares traffic from the main Munich line, then begins a climb by colorful farmlands and valley slopes to reach the tourism center of Oberammergau, the famous village known for its Passion Play. At the south, the important winter sports center of Garmisch-Partenkircken is the actual junction of three railways. A local line to Reutte climbs the mountain flank penetrating well into Austria to reach Lermoos and other fascinating Alpine communities nestling in the valley slopes. Nearby, a truely incredible attraction locality awaits us: the fable-like castles of Mad King Ludwig at Neuschwanstein create a surreal dream-like setting of the Bavarian landscape. Also commancing in Austria, the Mittelwaldbahn is perhaps one of the best known mountain railways of Europe, connecting Innsbruck to Munich in some of the region's most attractive settings. We follow this line in detail from within Austria, making several stops at the notesworthy villages and stations. We are not yet finished with our mountain journeys as we board the renowned Zugspitzebahn, the rack railway to the top of Germany's highest peak that offers superb panoramas of the surrounding mountains and valleys. This program contains detailed filming of both the railways as well as the localities travelled, with comprehensive narration, maps and more. English, 80 MN full color. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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