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T101DVD The Swiss Gotthard Railway (1986) DVD
Paralleling the ancient path of the breathtaking Sankt Gotthard alpine pass, a world renowned standard gauge railway connects the northern centers of Switzerland to the latin localities of southern Ticino by way of vertiginous loops, spirals and a steep serpentine course over a distance of 160 kilometers creating a huge variation of height. The Gotthardbahn commences at Arth-Goldau, where the Sud-Ost railway from Basel and the Zugersee line from Zurich converge at its station. It then follows the charming outline of the lake of Lucerne, prior to assaulting a formidable line gradient employing ambitious reversing loops and helicoid tunnels, and by way of spectacular bridges and viaducts. At Goeschenen the famous Sankt Gotthard tunnel is entered, yealding welcome relief from the forbidding northern climate, as Romanesque Ticino is reached. However this southern half of the Gotthardbahn, amid medioeval structures and artifacts, presents us with even steeper line grades which require four complete helicoid spirals in the descent to the milder lakes region of Lugano. At Chiasso the Swiss SBB relinquishes its international consists to Italian motive power, which can be observed side by side to Gotthardbahn thoroughbreds. This highly acclaimed program follows the entire route of this railway, with emphasis on its operation and fascinating geographical surroundings. A special stop is made at Erstfeld, where we visit its famous locomotive depot housing glorious early century 'Krokodil' electrics, and where we board a modern 12,000 horsepower Re6/6 in a training session. English, 115 MN full color. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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