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T123DVD The German Mosel Railway (1995 ) DVD
As one of Germany's oldest and most fascinating railways, the Mosel river railway or Moseltal Bahn, twists and turns paralleling the glittering majestic river in a truely charming and picturesque backdrop of medioeval settings. The Mosel railway commences at the historic city of Koblenz, where it joins the important Rhine lines to the industrial and financial centers to the north. Undertaking a southwesterly course by the shores of the Mosel, the railway enters the renowned wine region where picture pretty towns and imposing castles on the hilltops dominate the scenery. At Willingen, Kobern-Gondorf and Moselkern the line in fact runs at the foot of well known bastions from bygone ages, with Burg Eltz being perhaps the most important and thus worth visiting. At Cochem the approximate midpoint of the line to Trier is reached, and here we find an incredibly beautiful river town adorned with gothic structures, and a storybook castle enriched with turrets and pinnicles above the city and promenade. Undertaking the famous Kaiser Wilhelm tunnel immediately leaving Cochem, the Moseltal Bahn exits at Ediger-Eller but soon enters and exits several additional tunnels still in a breathtaking background of ancient wine villages and riverside grapevine hills. At Bullay a massive and quite spectacular metal bridge gapping the Mosel is crossed taking our railway to the western shore of the river and the start of an entirely diverse scenery hilighted by gently rolling hills and colorful woods. After a succession of old towns, finally the railway reaches the historic city and tourism mecca of Trier, Germany's oldest city that features spectacular Roman ruins and medioeval splendor. Highly artistic program with comprehensive narration on the line, region and history, as well as maps of the course. English, 60 MN full color. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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