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T118DVD The Flom-Myrdal Railway - Flomsbana - (1993) DVD
Backdropped by stupendous settings of Norway's sea fjord inlets and towering snow-topped peaks, the charming resort town of Flam rises from the shores of the scenic Aurlands fjord to become of of Norway's most seeked after tourism attractions. Small in size, it is however truely a mecca for a large influx of visitors and travellers, for this is the starting point of one of the world'd greatest train lines, the NSB's "Flamsbana". Cutting the colorful agricultured fields and grazing meadows surrounding the historic structure of Flam's wooden parish church, the railway begins a winding climb on the flank of the rugged mountains and under enormous plunging waterfalls on an amazing 5.6 percent gradient without rack assistance. The breathtaking views offered from this railway on the continuous twisting course is often but briefly broken as the line enters and exits numerous tunnels inside the vertical rock walls of the Flamsdalen valley. Here one discovers a great variety of interesting vegetation and characteristic farmsteads as the railway climbs a vertiginous 2838 feet in a mere 12 miles of track in a wild and pristine setting. At Vatnahalsen, the Flamsbana employs a series of spiral rotations partly in tunnel and under snowsheds yealding four separate track levels in order to quickly gain the necessary elevation and reach the railway junction of Myrdal and the Oslo-Bergen main line. This highly detailed program takes the viewer on the Flam railway with several unique vantage points, ranging from riding on a special panoramic rear coach travelling up the valley, to following the railway track and its fabulous activity on the famous paralleling footpath to the summit and even aboard the cab of a powerful E11 locomotive descending the valley to Flam. Also included is a brief journey of the famous Aurlands fjord ferry, yealding postcard-like scenery of Norway's magnificent fjord sea arms. A comprehensive narration featuring geographical and historical information as well as maps accompany this high quality program. English, 60 MN full color. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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