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T106DVD France's T.G.V. DVD
Special video presentation of the famous Train Grande Vitesse TGV SudEst produced by the French National Railways (S.N.C.F.) capturing some of the most fascinating and rarest of railway footage that won several awards including the Techfilm (1979), Katowice (1979), the Grand Prize of Blarritz (1981), Techfilm (1981) and the Grand Prize of the Festival of Turin (1982). The program blends historical and technical background with lots of rare film in reaching the ultimate in high speed on rails, including extraordinary footage of the 1955 world rail-speed records set by two French locomotives. We see and hear of the obstacles and solutions in developing and improving bogies, signalling systems, track ballasting and aerodynamics by the technicians and officials responsible for the project. This film is enriched by cab rides, helicopter chases and lots of neck-snapping 180+ miles per hour runbys in highly artistic photography and informative narration. A true collector's item for all enthusiasts or just anyone desiring to discover the mystique of the world's fastest train. English, 60 MN full color. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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