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T018DVD The locos Ae 4/4 and Ae 8/8 (REOS production) DVD
The Bern-Lötschbergbahn-Simplon railways played a special part in the development of the electric locomotive since it's opening in 1913. Every locomotive of the BLS that was ordered and built was very modern and used the latest technology. The Ae 4/4 that has been built in 1944 was no exception on that fact. It is the first loco in which the engine drives the wheels directly with high power without any shifts in-between. The loco is a complete Swiss design and has a self-supporting loco compartment and an innovative electricity transformer. It is the forerunner of almost all alternating current Bo Bo locos after the World War II. In order to drive freight trains two Ae 4/4 loco were being coupled together permanently. In this way the step switches, which controlled the speed, could be connected mechanically. The "double loco" Ae 8/8 that was created in this way, has a power of 8800 hp. Two Ae 8/8 burnt down in a loco shed in the night of May 15th 1998. During the summer of 2000 Ae 8/8 no 275 was launched in order to drive the "Aushubzügen" of the new "Lötschberg-Basistunnel" from Goppenstein to Raron. The Ae 4/4 is launched in the transport of passengers between Spiez and Zweisimmen. The recordings have been made in July 2000 with a digital camera. The movie has been mastered fully digital. Running time: 57 minutes. REOS production. NTSC USA/CANADA/JAPAN standard.
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