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Super Sale - Digital and Odds & Ends

Super Sale! - Digital and Odds & Ends

NOTE: Items are listed in alphabetical order. All items are new and with manufacturer warranty - in stock for immediate shipping. The listed special offer items are available here online only. No backorders.

legold-mini-w copy.jpg LENZ GOLD-MINI-W advanced 0.5A back-emf, 2 functions, USP, wires only

$62.70 $31.35
How many?:
LENZ LA010 Output for stall motor switch machine

$26.99 $13.50
How many?:
lelb050 copy LENZ LB050 Voltage detector for LR101

$39.21 $19.61
How many?:
legold-mini-w copy.jpg LENZ LE1835MP 1.8A back-emf with 8pin NMRA interface

$53.88 $26.94
How many?:
LENZ LELT100 Analogue protection module for DCC

$67.22 $33.61
How many?:
lepower1 copy LENZ LEPOWER-1 un-interrupted power source

$57.25 $28.63
How many?:
LENZ LS100 Controls 4 accessories (switches, signals) with feedback

$114.58 $57.29
How many?:
lesilver-mini-w copy.jpg LENZ SILVER-MINI-W PLUS Mini decoder 0.5A, back-emf. 2 functions, wires only

$50.42 $25.21
How many?:
lexpa copy LENZ XPA XpressNet phone adapter

$85.91 $42.96
How many?:
esu59817 copy ESU 54688 LokPilot V4.0 DCC/ MM MICRO - integrated 6-pin NEM 651 interface

$33.72 $19.99

How many?: