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KATO / HOBBYTRAIN Track & Accessories your best discount KATO HOBBYTRAIN model train source

KATO / HOBBYTRAIN in partnership with Lemke of Germany produces a small line of high quality European HO and N scale model trains with special focus on German and Swiss prototypes. All models feature super-detailing and powered units are equipped with smooth 5-pole motors and digital-ready circuitry.

kato-catalog.jpg KATO 0001 Kato / Hobbytrain HO / N scale 2016 catalog

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kato10170-d copy KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 10170-D DCC Digital board for Kato Re6/6 locomotives. Digitalplatine für Kato Re 6/6

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image-not-available.gif KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 10950-27 Replacement set of pantographs for ICE 4 DB (set of 2)
KATO 10-1512A
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kato11213 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 11213 Innenbeleuchtung 'N' LED gelb

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kato11214 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 11214 6er Set Innenbeleuchtung 'N' LED gelb

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kato29351 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 29351 EM 13 Digitaldecoder f. Motorwagen

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kato29352 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 29352 FL 12 Digitaldecoder f. Front / Rücklicht

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kato29353 copy.jpg KATO HOBBYTRAIN LEMKE 29353 FR 11 Digitaldecoder f. Innenbeleuchtung

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image-not-available.gif KATO K10914-28 single coupler for TGV / Eurostar M1-R1 / M2-R8

Sorry, sold out.

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image-not-available.gif KATO X04-4599 single coupler for TGV / Eurostar R2 / R7

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image-not-available.gif KATO X14701SF0 set of 4 pantographs for TGV Thalys / Duplex M1 / M2

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