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BEMO HOm scale track (code 70) your best discount BEMO model train source

BEMO Modelleisenbahnen GmbH from Uhingen, Germany produces superbly hand-crafted models in HO, HOe and HOm scales of the fascinating railways of Germany and Alpine Switzerland. The models are accurately crafted with super-detailing and flawless running quality. EUROLOKSHOP is one of the largest BEMO dealers and stockists IN THE WORLD ! We guarantee the best prices and inventory selection. BEMO HOm scale professional code 70 track is made of high quality NEM 1.8 mm metal rails and detailed brown sleepers. Turnouts have separate frog insulated points and die-cast switch blades. Roadbed segments are realistically sloped, textured and coloured and fit exactly the track geometry. Note: Turnouts are not suited for side switch machines 4406/4407.

bemo-catalog copy.jpg BEMO 0001 2018-2019 HOm / HOe / Om scale catalog

How many?:
bemo4245017.jpg BEMO 4245017 H0m Zahnstangengleis, 1000 mm Bausatz.

How many?:
bemo4245027.jpg BEMO 4245027 H0m Zahnstangeneinfahrt, 1000 mm Bausatz.

How many?:
bemo4294037.jpg BEMO 4294037 H0m Code70, gerades Gleis,166 mm, VPE 12 Stck.

How many?:
bemo4294207.jpg BEMO 4294207 H0m Code70, gebogenes Gleis, R 380 mm, 30°, VPE 12 Stck.. Auslaufmodell

How many?:
bemo4294507.jpg BEMO 4294507 H0m Code70, gebogenes Gleis, R 520 mm, 30°, VPE 12 Stck.. Auslaufmodell

How many?:
bemo4294557.jpg BEMO 4294557 H0m Code70, gebogenes Gleis, R 520 mm, 12°, VPE 12 Stck.. Auslaufmodell

How many?:
bemo4294567.jpeg BEMO 4294567 H0m Code70, gebogenes Gleis, R 520 mm, 15°, VPE 12 Stck.. Auslaufmodell

How many?:
bemo4294607.jpg BEMO 4294607 H0m Code70, 9,5° Weiche rechts, 268 mm, R 750

How many?:
bemo4294637.jpg BEMO 4294637 12° Weiche links, 166 mm, R 520 HOm Code 70

How many?:
bemo4294647.jpg BEMO 4294647 H0m Code70, Bogenweiche rechts, R 660/380

How many?:
bemo4294657.jpg BEMO 4294657 H0m Code70, Bogenweiche links, R 660/380

How many?:
bemo4294667.jpg BEMO 4294667 H0m Code70, 12° Doppelkreuzungsweiche, 231 mm

How many?:
BEMO 4344027 Gleisbettung für 4294 027 , 1 Stück (294527)

$6.78 $5.09
How many?:
image-not-available.gif BEMO 4424000 Elektrischer Entkuppler H0e/ H0m/ H0.

$22.35 $16.76
How many?:
bemo4425000.jpg BEMO 4425000 Weichenantrieb mit Elektromotor.

$22.25 $16.69
How many?:
bemo6521000.jpg BEMO 6521000 Bausatz Weichenlaternen, 5 Stück.

How many?:
bemo6527000.jpg BEMO 6527000 RhB Prellbock, 2 Stück.

How many?: