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LILIPUT HO Scale Sale !! your best discount LILIPUT model train source

The LILIPUT firm has been producing a wide array of high quality model railway products of European prototypes for over five decades. Of particular interest, Liliput specializes in era II German DRG and DR locomotives and rolling stock including unique military models.

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lil132544-2 copy.jpg LILIPUT 132544 Elektr. Lokomotive E 44 505, DB, Ep.III

$173.88 $121.72
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lil235120-2 copy.jpg LILIPUT 235120 Behältertragwagen BT 55, DB, Ep.III

$82.48 $57.74
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lil235994 copy.jpg LILIPUT 235994 4-achs. Kesselwagen 630 hl Esso DB Ep.IV

$34.88 $24.42
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lil327399 copy.jpg LILIPUT 327399 Personenwagenn Bi Tarnanstrich DR / Ep.II

$35.95 $25.17
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lil334503 copy.gif LILIPUT 334503 Railcar Trailer Coach B4hTI Blue/Beige 7059.101 (ex Altenbg) (tm)BB Ep.III

$31.19 $21.83
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