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LENZ Digital Locomotive Decoders your best discount LENZ digital systems and accessories

LENZ ELEKTRONIK GmbH from Giesen Germany, has been producing model railway electronic components for 22 years and has become the leader in digital DCC technology fully adhering to NMRA and NEM standards. They produce a full line of upgradable controllers, locomotive and special functions decoders and modules. Their new fully digital locomotives mark their entry into the high quality model making, with excellent selections in both diesel and steam units.

LENZ  Digital Accessory Decoders & ModulesLENZ  Digital Locomotive DecodersLENZ  Digital Systems & ComponentsLENZ HO scale locomotives

legold-maxi copy.jpg LENZ GOLD-MAXI back-emf 4.0A special lighting, 4 functions

$93.51 $56.11
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legold-mini-d copy.jpg LENZ GOLD-MINI-D advanced 0.5A back-emf, 2 functions, USP, NEM651 6-pin interface

$62.33 $37.40
How many?:
legold-mini-w copy.jpg LENZ GOLD-MINI-W advanced 0.5A back-emf, 2 functions, USP, wires only

How many?:
legold-mp copy.jpg LENZ GOLD-MP PLUS advanced back-emf, 4 functions, USP capable NEM652 8-pin interface

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image-not-available.gif LENZ LY011-5 (5) JST 200mm wire decoder harnesses

How many?:
image-not-available.gif LENZ LY012-5 (5) JST 88mm medium decoder harnesses with NEM652 (8pin) plug

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lesilver-direct21 copy.jpg LENZ SILVER-21 PLUS Back-emf Silent 4 function 1.1A with integrated 21-pin female interface

How many?:
lesilver-mini-w copy.jpg LENZ SILVER-MINI-W PLUS Mini decoder 0.5A, back-emf. 2 functions, wires only

How many?:
lesilver-mp copy.jpg LENZ SILVER-MP PLUS Back-emf Silent 4 function 1.1A with NEM652 8-pin interface

How many?:
lestandard-mp copy.jpg LENZ STANDARD+ Ultra thin 0.12", Back-emf Silent 3 function 1.0A with NEM652 8-pin interface

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