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acme60342 copy.jpg ACME 60342 Loco Diesel-idraulica prototipo D.442.401, stato servizio Anni Sessanta; livrea originale con tetto blu. Ed. limita.

$195.88 $155.99
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hr2115-2 copy.jpg RIVAROSSI HR2115 Diesel railcar, class 627.0, running number 627 003-7, red livery DB

$262.23 $169.99
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hr2209 copy.jpg RIVAROSSI HR2209 Electric Railcar EMU type MAT 46 Green NS

$301.15 $199.99
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hr2234 copy.jpg RIVAROSSI HR2234 Electric Locomotive E 428.140 / 2nd serie FS DC With Sound

$455.88 $299.99
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hr2477 copy.jpg RIVAROSSI HR2522 Steam locomotive S-100 type USA T.C. Road Number 5000

$189.99 $125.99
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roco63218 copy.jpg ROCO 63218 Dampflok BR 18 201 DB-AG DC Digital Sound

$485.12 $399.99
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